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         It seems prayer should be the simplest thing in the world, doesn't it? 

Odds are, though, that you've found my page because you've discovered 

that it is not that simple. And you made that discovery on some battle field of life.


What is prayer, really? Do we make prayer harder than it needs to be? 

Is it a daily duty? Is it a whispered, "God help me"? 

Is it something we need to feel guilty about because we don't do it enough? 

You can pick up a book on prayer and find general answers to these questions, 

but in spiritual direction these questions are explored on a very personal level, 

in the context of your daily life.


      Contact me to discuss if spiritual direction could be right for you.

What Is Spiritual Direction?

It is a listening ministry, also called spiritual companionship, where you are, by many avenues, encouraged to draw closer to God. God seeks you where you are, and spiritual direction invites you to see and respond to that seeking. Read more about what spiritual direction is on the About page.

How Can Spiritual Direction Help You?

There is power, there is healing, in telling your story, and in spiritual direction you share your hopes, struggles, joys, and losses. Through spiritual direction, you can learn to identify and trust your own experiences of God. Read more  on the About page.

What Is the Fee?

Our first session is a time for us to determine whether you and I are a good fit and if you feel comfortable talking to me. There is no fee for the first meeting. If you decide to go on, the fee is $50 per session, or pay what you can. A normal session length is one hour.


"Listen to your life.

See it for the fathomless mystery that it is.

In the boredom and pain of it no less than the excitement and gladness:

touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it

because in the last analysis

all moments are key moments

and life itself is grace."

F. Buechner

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